What A Success... The Mop Top Shop served over 700 Summer Campers in 2012! and we're gearing up for Mop Top Shop Summer Science & Technology Camp 2013. Who Knew Science & Technology could be so much fun?...the Mop Top Shop! Robotics, Rocketry, Remote-Controlled Cars, Geocaching, Digital Animation, Graphic Arts, Silkscreening, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver and lots more! Kids designed and built lava lamps, hovercrafts, volcanos, phenakistoscopes, pinhole cameras (camera obscura), bottle rockets, giant bubbles, solar ovens, remote-controlled cars...just to name a few.

      Brandon Hawkins and Mop Top campers enjoy cartography,       sketching maps of their neighborhoods, and designing their       own symbology and geographic features durng the 2011 camp.

Filled with lots of hands-on activities to make learning fun. Using math, science, and technology, the Mop Top Summer Science & Technology Camp 2012 was the place to be!
Egg drop contest!
    2011 Mop Top Campers getting ready to compete in the egg drop     and robotics.

Kids learned robotics using Lego Mindstorms NXT to build and program robots; GPS using hand-held navigation tools; and GIS to research and collect data for digital mapmaking and more.
    2011 Mop Top campers use hand-held GPS receivers to locate     satellites, plot their courses, and hunt for hidden treasures!

Let's not forget our other exciting hands-on learning activities. Students disassembled and built computers that really worked (they also had to put them back together); learned the basics of web page design and publishing to design their own web pages incorporating sound and video; created basic animations and cartoons, illustrated and created artwork that they silkscreened on t-shirts. But that's not all, campers built rocket and put together remote-controlled car. To stay fit, third-degree blackbelt karate instructor provided fun and excitement while teaching students about nutrition, wellness, fitness, and the benefits of exercise and discipline. Oh! and let's not forget, kids learned how to give effective presentations, hone their public speaking skills.

Mop Top Campers learned basic HTML, a text editor used to design and create web sites as well as a graphic editor program to
     Mop Top Campers use their imagination and new-found skills to design and create with Photo Shop.

   You Go Girls! Using digital photography and lots of creativity    to design a two-page spread for a Teen magazine.

create websites (Adobe Dreamweaver); photo-editing software (Adobe Photoshop), an application used by professionals for photo-editing and design; animation with Adobe Flash, for basic animation and Adobe Premiere for video editing.
At the End-of-Camp Finale Celebration, students present final projects that incorporated what they learned during the Mop Top Shop Summer Science & Technology Camp 2012. Click on the thumbnails to view the Flash animations.

Skills & Technology Tools introduced during the sessions include but are not limited to:

  • build and program robotics with Legos Mindstorm NXT
  • navigation and mapmaking with GPS and GIS
  • entrepreneurship, marketing, advertising and more
  • how to build a basic computer
  • build rocket and remote-control cars
  • use of digitizing tablets for drawing and illustrating
  • use of digital cameras using Photoshop
  • use of scanners
  • incorporating graphics, video, and music/sound
  • creating links to external and internal web pages
  • rollovers
  • optimizing images for the web
  • silkscreeing and much, much, more....

Objectives of the Mop Top Shop Summer Camp:

  • The mission of the Mop Top Shop Summer Science & Technology Camp is to expose and increase student awareness and enthusiasm for learning with science, technology, and technology tools using hands-on-learning activities.
  • Provide multi-sensory (hands-on and interactive) stimulation for learning through the use of technology and technology tools
  • Provide multicultural experiences and academic enrichment activities
  • Introduce and expose students to the contributions of scientists and inventors
  • Promote, build, and re-inforce self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Promote healthy eating, nutrition, and fitness for both mind and body

Students participated in discussions and received one-on-one feedback as well as friendly and constructive critiques as they learned by sharing and evaluating their work with instructors and fellow campers. Mop Top Campers brought all of their wonderful ideas, artwork, photographs, creativity and imagination to this exciting camp. At the End-of-Camp Finale, parents, families, and friends werel invited to the Mop Top Shop Awards Presentation where campers showcased and shared their final website
     "Mop Top" strikes a pose with a camper after awarding him his certificate and an eReader for his great work!

"Mop Top" the "Hip Hop" Scientist mascot and special guests are always scheduled for the Final Awards Presentation.
    A full house at the Mop Top Shop Summer Science & Technology Finale 2011. Thank you parents and friends.

      Having lots of fun at the Mop Top Summer Camp Finale!

    "Blind Boy Chocolate" provided entertainment and amazed     campers playing tunes on a "saw"...a real saw, what a feat!

Don't wait! Limited Enrollment for 2013 (24 Students Per Session). Register early to reserve your place in the Mop Top Shop Summer Science & Technology Camp 2013! Discounts Available for Multiple Sessions as well as Early Bird Discounts! Payment Plans Available! To register, download and print a copy of the Registration Form PDF and fax to: (919) 846-7754 or call us at (919) 264-3918. Space is limited. Only 24 students per session. For questions or more information, contact:

Jackie Johnson, President, Founder, & Instructor

The Mop Top Shop
284-B West Millbrook Road
Raleigh , NC 27609
(919) 264-3918
Fax: (919) 846-7754

2012 Summer Camp Location:
308-F West Millbrook Road
Raleigh, NC 27609

NEW! Session I & IX: Robotics (Mindstorm NXT), GPS, GIS
Like to build with Legos...then you'll love building and programming your Legos pieces to makek robots that really talk, walk, and more! Also, GPS and GIS.
Rising 3rd Grade through rising 11th Grade

Session II: Session II: Photoshop & Silk-Screening (Click here to view pictures)
Design, edit, and create like the pro's...but that's not all, learn how to silkscreen your design on t-shirts!
Rising 3rd Grade through rising 11th Grade

Session III: HTML/Dreamweaver (Website Design) (View pictures)
You'll create a web page on the very first day of camp! That's right, learn to program, incorporate sound, video, and more during the session.
Rising 3rd Grade through rising 12th Grade

Session IV: Flash Animation
Design and create cartoons and more! Make it interactive by creating buttons to control your animation.
Rising 5th Grade through rising 12th Grade

NEW! Session IV & V: Kid's Clay Animation:
Use your scientific skills to make clay; then use computers skills to learn how to animate!
Rising Kindergarten through 4th Grade

NEW! Session VI: Kid's Make & Take Silk-Screening
Design a great piece of art...then silkscreen your masterpiece on your very own t-shirts!
Rising 2nd through rising 4th Grade

NEW! Session VII: Rocketry
What goes up, must come down! Learn and build fun rocket that you can fly.
Rising 3rd Grade through rising 8th Grade

NEW! Session VIII: Remote-Control Cars (RC)
Its All About Physics! Build, Paint, and Race Your Radio-Controlled Cars
Rising 3rd Grade through rising 8th Grade

NEW! Graphic Arts for Kids/WebQuests
Kids can design and create their masterpieces with several media (paints, crayons, pastels, scrapbooking papers, etc.); digitize/scan their artwork, and use computers to create wonderful stories based on their artwork.
Rising K-rising 3rd Grade

Placement in the Mop Top Shop Summer Science & Technology Camp is not guaranteed until fees are paid in full. Fees are non-refundable. We reserve the right to make revisions as necessary.

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We Bring Technology to You!
Learn more about our Afterschool Workshops, Clinics,
Track-Out & Early Release & Teacher Workday Programs...at your locations! Hourly, Weekly, Monthly
We Come to You!
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Learning is always exciting, fun, hands-on, interactive, and more at the Mop Top Shop. Mop Top campers create, design, build, program, make and sometimes...break, laugh, have lots of fun, but most of all, we LEARN, using technology!
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