George Washington Carver (1864-1943), was a lover of plants, and especially the peanut. He was a botanist, a person who studies the science of plants; a peanut pioneer, and chemurgist or better known today as a biochemical engineer.

His research developed at least 325 products from the peanut, over 100 uses for sweet potatoes, and 75 products made from pecans. George Washington Carver's research and work in developing industrial applications from agricultural products consisted of 18 products, including a rubber substitute and over 500 dyes and pigments from 28 different plants. He is also responsible for the invention of a process for producing paints and stains from soybeans for which three separate patents were issued. He made several of his discoveries at Tuskegee Institute which is known today as Tuskegee University in Alabama.

He really loved the peanut! How do we know? Just take a look at the list below to see a few of the wonderful products that reulted from Dr. Carver's research with the peanut.

Blackberry punch
Cherry punch
          Antiseptic Soap
          Baby Massage Cream
          Face cream & hand lotion
          Shampoo & shaving cream
          Pomade & oil for scalp
          Dyes for cloth & leather
          Paints & wood stains
          Chili Sauce
          Chocolate coated peanuts
          Dry coffee & instant coffee
          Meat substitutes
          Peanut brittle
          Worcestershire sauce
          Axle grease
          Cleaner for hands
          Diesel fuel
          Lubricating oil
          Printer's ink
          Plastics and rubber
          Washing powder, laundry
            soap and much more!

Do you like peanuts? George Washington Carver loved peanuts. He developed over 325 products from the peanut.
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