Name: Mop Top the Hip Hop Scientist
Height: Tall, I'm very, very, tall
Weight: Wait till you see me, I'm loads of fun!
Birthplace: Raleigh, North Carolina
Education: Never stopped learning!
Best Friends: Lollipop & Flip Flop
Favorite Foods: Spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, corn
Favorite Songs: Mop Top Song, I Can, I'm Fabulous
Favorite Shows: Bill Nye, the Science Guy; Beakman's World, Discovery Channel, National Geographic
Favorite Subjects: (Scroll down to learn more)
Math, Technology, Science (MTS), and Reading, especially Mop Top Storytime
Favorite Activities: Digital photography, working in the science lab, skateboarding, and most of all, bringing joy and laughter to children of all ages!...especially Volunteering at UNC Childrens Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC. Just take a look at what he does!

"Mop Top" the "Hip Hop" Scientist entertaining kids at the Easter Egg Roll in Washington, DC.

Don't sit...get fit with "Lollipop!"

Celebrating the Holidays with "Mop Top" & "Lollipop"

Mop Top entertaining kids at a STEAM Birthday Party!

Mop Top and Anne Beers Elementary School Kindergartners, Washington, DC
Mop visits a fantastic group of kindergartners at Anne Beers Elementary School in Washington, DC. They learned animation, listened to The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs, participated in the "Mop Top Digital Duel," but were most excited to meet "Mop Top" the "Hip Hop" Scientist!

Come on "Mop Top!" You're on a can do this!

A Masterpiece created on the Apple iPad!
Using technology to create a masterpiece!

The Mop Top Shop Believes in Me!
Kids just want to have fun in the Mop Top Shop!

We're Mop Top Kids! We Know We Can!
Hey Kids...Is "Mop Top" the next Karate Kid?

          Mop Top Mascot preparing for the premiere of Karate Kid movie at Brier Creek, Raleigh, NC

Two Celebrants at Making Magic Expo 2010
Our young scientist, "Mop Top," is lots of fun and available to make your next event or program, one of the most exciting and memorable ever!

Mop Top Race for the Cure
Mop Top Gears Up for Susan Komen's
Race for the Cure

He makes appearances at schools, birthday parties, charity events, corporate functions, parades, libraries, church, sorority, fraternity events and more. No matter the occasion, Mop Top will make sure that everyone has a wonderful time, Mop Top style!

Mop Top Marches in the MLK 2010 Parade
Mop Top Marches in the 2010 MLK Parade
Durham, North Carolina

Birthday Parties: Mop Top would love to surprise you and your guests for your birthday! (includes stories, games, and party bags for each guest)

Non-Profit Organizations and Charities: The Mop Top Shop strives to involve themselves in many educational and charity events. The Mop Top Shop is proud to be a volunteer at the UNC Childrens Hopsital in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. "Mop Top" the mascot, really enjoys reading and storytime; playing games, drawing, and most of all, the laughter, smiles, and many hugs he receives as a volunteer!

Mop Top is available for appearances at school festivals, community events, hospitals and churches and more. The more Mop Top visits, the more laughter and excitment for everyone!

Mop Top in the 2010 Raleigh Christmas Parade
Mop Top makes his debut in the
2009 Raleigh Christmas Parade
Raleigh, North Carolina
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To schedule an appearance at your event or for more information, call the Mop Top Shop at: (919) 264-3918 or (919) 649-2920. Also, you can email us at:

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