Mop Top Shop Track-Out & After-School Technology Campers learn through investigation and lots of hands-on activities...and site visits!

Want to own your own business? Learn about entrepreneurship. Our students acquire the necessary skills to become more confident and effective communicators and public speakers by gaining real-life experiences. Just take a look at future paleontologist & Mop Top Track-out Camper who goes behind the scenes to learn more about paleontology with paleontologist Vince Schneider, NC Museum of Natural Sciences!

      Mop Top Track-out Camper interviews paleontologist Vince Schneider, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
          Paleontologist Vince Schneider, NC Museum of Natural
          Sciences & Mop Top Track-out camper. Mr.Schneider
          was interviewed by Mop Top Track-out camper, future
          paleontologist, and aspiring entrepreneur.

    Science really can be fun! Take a look at our Mop Top     campers as they create volcanoes. You Go Girl!
        Mop Top Track-out campers and Chris make sure
        there are no early mishaps while preparing one of
        three volcanoes for an eruption at the Mop Top Track-
        out Camp.

    What about a potato clock? Mop Top Track-out     students are hard at work as they build a digital clock     using potatoes. Time to really have some fun!
    How about reading? In our track-out and after-school
    program, students enjoy reading from ebooks and
    iPads just like "Mop Top" the "Hip Hop" Scientist...and
    don't forget we also read hardcopy books too.

      Mop Top the Hip Hop Scientist using two iPads!
      Mop Top likes to show off the many books he has read
         on his iPads.

Mop Top the Hip Hop Scientist Celebrates African-Americans in the Sciences
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    Mop Top Track-out Campers use lots of
    imagination to learn all about How People
    Make Things
at the Imagination Station.

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